Skills Pointer™

Promoting Academic Success

Skills Pointer helps educators pinpoint student skill gaps. It works on the web to support individualized learning and uses vertical mapping to uncover the prerequisite skills students may be missing. Learning Plans on Demand®, a tool within Skills Pointer, uses this information to generate an individualized learning plan, saving teachers time and giving every student resources for learning more.

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The system combines three elements into an easy-to-use suite of tools:

Vertical Assessment Model

  • vertically adaptive, skills-based assessments
  • tutorials and practice activities aligned to state and national standards
  • reporting functions for teachers and administrators

Skills Identification

  • Quick and easy assessment generation for all students across one or all core subjects

Intervention and Reports

  • Simple informative reports detailing skill level
  • Immediate skills mastery feedback
  • Targeted English and Spanish language lessons and activities

High Quality Resources

  • Resources across all grade levels and core subjects aligned to state standards


  • Real-time reports instantly monitor individual students, class or subject, schools or district

Renew the Cycle for Success

  • Continuous progress monitoring is simple and easy supporting individualized classroom instruction

Featuring vertical skills-based assessments, Skills Pointer quickly identifies a student's missing concepts and prerequisite skills, spiraling up or down subject area curriculum and standards based upon student responses. Instant feedback includes guided instruction to students for quick progress in mastery of prerequisite skills and immediate intervention strategies for teachers.

A powerful tool for both enrichment and intervention, Skills Pointer complements curriculum programs already in place in schools to give teachers quick, timely insight into student skill gaps, determine the interventions needed to address the skill gaps and provide resources to help close those gaps.

Learning Plans On Demand

Creating pathways to individualized instruction and learning

Learning Plans On Demand is part of Skills Pointer. This Web-based tool provides a customized path for each student, with assessments, tutorials and practice activities aligned to state and national standards, and important curriculum analysis to promote improved student achievement. Teachers can quickly drill down and identify the exact skills each student needs to learn in core subject areas: math, science, language arts, and reading.


  • Offers 500+ instructional tutorials in English and Spanish with over a thousand practice activities from kindergarten to high school
  • The Curriculum Gap Analysis is a great tool for the analysis and evaluation of the written curriculum

Promoting effective instructional practice

As knowledge gaps from previous grades are identified, teachers have immediate intervention objectives available for their students. With simple, direct assessments, content-neutral resources for each skill at each grade level, and real-time reports to monitor growth, teachers can:

  • Determine their student's actual skill level with the Adaptive Constructed Response Assessment
  • Assess over several grade levels to find the exact learning objectives each student needs to learn
  • Create automated Individualized Learning Plans
  • Provide instant student feedback and guided, individualized instruction for quick progress in mastery of prerequisite skills
  • Access tutorials and practice activities aligned to their state and Common Core standards targeted to precisely address the skill gaps for each student.

Visit to learn more about Skills Pointer and Learning Plans On Demand.