Definitive data. Informed decisions.

What would change if we knew exactly where each child was on her learning journey? Our assessments, professional development courses and reporting are designed to help you answer that profound question, with practical, actionable data you can use right away.

Products & Services

Our assessments adapt to the child in real-time while she takes the test and can be administered online or through your local network. The results, based on the stability of our data, provide rich insight into learning as it occurs. The implications for instruction and beyond are profound.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Each child learns differently. So we developed computerized adaptive assessments that test differently, allowing teachers to see their students as individuals – each with their own base of knowledge.

Tests That Adapt to the Student

NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests present students with engaging, age-appropriate content. As a student responds to questions, the test responds to the student, adjusting up or down in difficulty.

The result is a rewarding experience for the student, and a wealth of detailed information for teachers, parents and administrators.
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Classroom Resources
Translate NWEA data into a plan of action for each and every student. Our DesCartes Continuum of Learning resources helps you precisely target your efforts.
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Fast, accurate information empowers decisions at every level. Our reporting suites help ensure you have the data you need, fast.
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Professional development is an essential ingredient for success. We offer several opportunities to get the most from your NWEA partnership, including on site and online courses, and annual conferences.
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