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Teaching Behaviors that Make the Difference

Power of Teaching uses proven teaching techniques to increase the quality of instruction in order to increase the quality of student learning. It is a comprehensive professional development program specifically focused on teaching strategies that increase student learning. The program is designed to accomplish three fundamental objectives:

  1. Measurably increase student engagement
  2. Demonstrably influence student academic performance
  3. Tangibly support teachers to increase their effectiveness in the classroom

Research Based

Power of Teaching is a research-based examination of a wide range of teaching behaviors. Power of Teaching uses data-driven determinations that clearly identify effective and ineffective teaching behaviors. Using tools and insights from the program, participants can objectively analyze their teaching behaviors and focus energies on those that work.

The program builds on neuroscience studies that examine and quantify how students sort, filter and learn new information. Based on this knowledge, teachers can adapt their teaching behaviors to positively impact student learning and academic growth.

Constructive & Holistic

In Power of Teaching, teaching practices are organized into six key categories, so that participants can focus on one teaching behavior at a time.

The categories include:

  • Cognitive Connections for Learning & Teaching /Pacing and Productivity for Learning
  • Transition, Processes & Endings for Learning
  • On-Task Learning
  • Differentiated Teaching to Accelerate Learning

Within these categories, Power of Teaching analyzes more than 40 specific teaching behaviors and demonstrates effective and ineffective practices with rich examples. This approach ensures program participants easily and quickly learn meaningful, actionable behaviors they can use right away.

Examples of a few of the teaching behaviors modeled and analyzed:

  • Verbal and Nonverbal Feedback
  • Grammar/Diction
  • Questioning/Sufficient Wait Time
  • Specific Dialogue to Excite Learning
  • Use of Differentiated Pacing
  • Lesson Openings
  • Maintaining Academic Flow
  • Redirection & Discipline
  • Strategic use of Heterogeneous & Homogeneous Grouping

Attendees are actively engaged with a blend of instruction, video vignettes and group participation in practical classroom exercises and observations that facilitate immediate feedback.

The program can be flexibly scheduled with each school or district over a 3-6 month period and includes nine program days, delivered in three-day consecutive increments.

Long Term Benefits

Power of Teaching is designed as a continuous development program and all participants are given the Power of Teaching book and all work sheets used throughout the program. Participants will be able to use these tools to improve their teaching behaviors long after participation in the program. Follow-up support is readily available from NWEA's professional development faculty and technical and academic support staffs.

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