National Education Research

Informing Decisions Locally, Nationally, and Beyond

NWEA conducts research on national education policies and practices so that we always have the most up-to-date information in the areas of growth measurement and assessment. We use our findings to guide us toward the future of education.

The following studies are used by decision-makers at national, regional, and district levels.

Datesort icon Report Links
02/01/2010 State Standards and Student Growth: Why State Standards Don’t Matter as Much as We Thought
02/19/2008 The Accountability Illusion
10/04/2007 The Proficiency Illusion
11/13/2006 Achievement Gaps: An Examination of Differences in Student Achievement and Growth
04/08/2005 The Impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on Student Achievement and Growth: 2005 Edition
04/01/2004 Computerized adaptive testing and No Child Left Behind
04/01/2004 Individual Growth and School Success
12/21/2003 The State of State Standards
09/01/2003 How strong is the incentive for educators to game the Adequate Yearly Progress requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act?
04/01/2003 Pursuing reasonable individual student growth targets