Norms Study Resources

Resources to help you use and interpret NWEA RIT Scale Norms

For more information and to download each resource, please follow the links below.

2011 RIT Scale Norms Study

RIT Scale Norms Study Data Files

Achievement Status and Growth (ASG) Calculator

Conditional Growth Index FAQ

Conditional Growth Index Video Overview

Normative Data - 2011

Comparative Data to Inform Instructional Decisions

2012 School Norms User's Guide

2012 School Norms FAQ   (updated regularly)

2012 School Norms Calculator  Requires Excel for Windows 2000 or newer, or Excel for Mac 2011.


2012 School Norms Calculator Training  (5-minute video)









Have questions about how the new norms have been applied to your data? Want to learn more about the new methodology?

2011 Norms FAQ

Find answers to many common questions that you might have regarding how the new norms have been applied to your data.

2011 Norms Video Series

Watch our interviews with researcher Dr. John Cronin, Director of the Kingsbury Center at NWEA, as he explains the new methodology behind the norms and how the changes relate to our previous studies.