Student Directions for the MAP Mathematics Test

Read the following directions aloud to your students prior to administering the Mathematics tests. You may want to print this page for future use.

Student Directions for the Mathematics Test

Look at your computer screen. Check to be sure that it has your name. If it does not, please raise your hand now.

Today you will be taking a test called Measures of Academic Progress, also called a MAP test, which is designed to show your mathematics knowledge. Give this test your best effort.

This test has 52 questions. (A Survey test will only have 20 questions.) Use all of your knowledge and best test-taking skills to complete the test.

You will have enough time to read and answer all the questions. Some questions will be easy; others will be more difficult. Be sure to read the directions to each item first, then the problem, and finally, read ALL of the answer choices. If you really do not know the answer to a question, use your best test-taking skills to eliminate some answer choices. Then choose the best answer of the choices that remain. You cannot skip questions.

There are different ways to choose your answer for each question. The best option for most students is to use the mouse to click anywhere on the answer. If this is difficult for you to do, raise your hand and an adult will show you another way to select your answers.

There are two ways to move on to the next question. The best option for most students is to use the mouse to click on the Go On button. The other option is to press the Enter key on the keyboard.

You may click on as many answers to a question as you like, but once you click Go On or press the Enter key, you are finished with that question. Your answer is locked into the system, and you cannot change it. You also cannot go back to a previous question.

Since you will be taking the mathematics test today, I want to tell you about some tools that will assist you. Next to your computer are paper and a pencil. You can use them to solve problems. For some questions, a calculator will appear on the screen. You may use the calculator, but you are not required to do so. If you need to move the calculator, raise your hand and an adult will show you how. If you want to remove it from the screen, click the Hide Calculator button at the bottom of the screen. The calculator will not always be there. It will not be there if you’re not allowed to use it.

If you are unsure about a word in a mathematics question, raise your hand and an adult will pronounce the word for you. We cannot tell you what the word means, and we cannot explain any symbols.

This probably will not ever happen, but should you come across a question that appears to be missing answers, questions, or instructions, raise your hand so we can help you.

The test will take about one hour to complete; however, it is not timed, and you will be given time to finish.

When you come to the end of the test, your score will be displayed on the screen. It is very important that you do not press Enter or click any buttons. Please cover your screen by flipping down the paper on the top of your computer and read your book silently. An adult will come over and set your station for the next student to use while others are finishing.

If you have any concerns once the test has started, raise your hand and an adult will come to you. We are not allowed to provide you with any additional information during the test other than pronouncing a word in a question for you.

I can now reread any part of the instructions if you have questions. Are there any questions?

You may begin by clicking the Start Test button.

Please note: Ifyou have students using the Mathematics with Spanish Audio test, give the students the special instruction sheet at this point.


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