NWEA Achievement Status & Growth Calculator

The Achievement Status & Growth Calculator is an aid to help you establish and manage growth goals with your students. This calculator allows you to measure achievement as well as to predict and evaluate growth. It is an interactive spreadsheet that allows you to enter a student's subject, beginning grade, and RIT score with a number of instructional weeks to measure or predict growth over the specified instructional time period.

The ASG Calculator is based on NWEA's 2011 norms study of students in the same subject and grade level.  This norms study uses a post-stratified sample that mirrors the ethnicity and socio-economic status proportions of U.S. student population, including kindergarten and 1st grade.

In order to measure achievement and predict growth, the ASG Calculator uses instructional weeks to refer your student to the norms population for the same instructional period.


To access the Achievement Status & Growth Calculator log in to the NWEA Reports site and click on NWEA Norms Study Resources.  Log in to the NWEA Reports site now.