NTE Admin 2


  • Download School/District, Student, and Test data into your local NTE folder as a single or batch process (multiple folders may be administered at once)
  • Upload completed student test results from one or more NTE folders to the NWEA servers, as a single or batch process
  • Manage your MAP test assignments (which tests are assigned to which schools)
  • Add/modify student profiles, allowing you to make changes to your student data after your Class Roster File (CRF) has been processed.
  • Add/modify employee profiles, allowing you to adjust permissions, update information, or create entirely new accounts.

Use of this tool is required for MAP testing. System requirements are listed below.


The newest version of Network Test Environment (NTE) Admin 2 provides functions such as student and employee account management into its improved interface, and adds helpful new features. Whether you are managing a single school's folder or fifty, NTE Admin 2 is the only program you will need to administer testing data and accounts.

With the new NTE Admin 2 tool for Client/Server MAP®, you can also download tests individually to one or more schools. It is no longer necessary to do a complete re-download of all test packages when you're adding or replacing tests.

NTE Admin 2 includes a variety of enhancements, such as:

  • Improved download stability and speed
  • Increased user security
  • Access to modifying MAP tests assignments
  • Near-seamless automatic application updates
  • Expanded availability to MAP accounts with proper permissions
  • Student and employee account management
  • New look and feel

System Requirements

View the system requirements for running NTE Admin 2.


If at any point you require assistance with NTE Admin 2, visit the Online Help, take the interactive tutorial, or contact NWEA Technical Support at 877-469-3287 or by using our Partner Support contact form http://www.nwea.org/about-nwea/contact-partner-support.