Data Repair Requests

A Data Repair Request, or DRR, is a form submitted by a District MAP Coordinator or School Administrator to correct erroneous student or test data. While basic student profile information can be updated in Network Test Environment (NTE) Admin 2, a DRR is required to modify data that has been collected about students and tests at the time the test is taken. DRR forms for each repair type are available below.
A District MAP Coordinator or School Administrator can submit a request by uploading the completed form on the Upload Files page of the NWEA Reports Site. Data Repair Request types include:
  • Change Grade on Test Event -  MAP reports display a student's grade level as it was recorded at the time the test was taken. If a student's grade level is changed after the test was taken, submit a Change Grade DRR to match the grade level that appears on reports with the grade level associated with the student record in NTE Admin 2.
  • Change School on Test Event -  To provide districts with a school-level view of test results, each student's school association is recorded at the time a test is taken. If a student moves during the testing window from one school to another within your district, use NTE Admin 2 to move that student's record to the new school's NTE. If the district wants all the student's tests associated with the new school, submit a Change School DRR.
  • Change Student on Test Event - If a student was administered a test under a different student's name, submit a Change Student DRR to move the test results to the correct student.
  • Change Test Duration - To provide teachers and administrators with meaningful test results, The MAP system is designed to invalidate tests that do not meet pre-defined criteria. One of these criteria is test duration. If technical problems during the test administration have caused tests to be erroneously invalidated due to a short duration, submit a Change Test Duration DRR.
  • Change Test Event Date - The test date comes from the local computer used to administer tests. If the computer is set with the wrong date, tests taken on that computer may fall outside your current test window; therefore, those tests are not reported for the current term. Submit a Change Test Event Date DRR to modify the date associated with a test so that it will be included in your reports.
  • Delete Test Events - Districts can submit a Delete Test Events DRR to request that specific tests be suppressed from their reports. For example, you might want to suppress tests for home schooled students or for students who were administered the wrong test.
  • Duplicate Student - A student might have multiple student records if he or she is included in your district's Class Roster File (CRF) and then subsequently added again in NTE Admin 2. Submit a Duplicate Student DRR to merge multiple records for the same student so all of the student's tests are reported together.
  • Combine MAP® for Primary Grades Segments - When a partner combines two MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) test events in an unusual way, NWEA can help produce the desired data by combining the appropriate segments to create a new combined event.  This Data Repair Request (DRR) is to combine two MPG test segments.

 You will be notified via email when your request has been completed.