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Education is complicated.

You're juggling NCLB proficiency, teacher effectiveness, Title I, RTI and more. Yet when you start with the child and what she needs to learn, based on exactly where she is, great things happen—for kids, for teachers and for schools. NWEA is your partner in simplifying education. Over 25 years ago we pioneered computer adaptive testing with Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®). Today we offer a variety of assessments, professional development and custom research services. We are a mission-driven not-for-profit. Discover how we're different.

"If you honor growth you will consistently do what is best for all kids."

Linda Foote, Instructional Technology Specialist Poway Unified School District

MAP: Measure growth, not grade.

Whether you need an interim test to benchmark student growth, or a universal screener for early learners, MAP can help. Administered online or locally, MAP helps you pinpoint—to the goal—strand level—where your students are ready to advance, and where they need help. And thanks to our stable, empirically-derived RIT scale, longitudinal data from MAP can be used to analyze program impact—a huge help in challenging budgetary times. Connect with us to learn more about MAP »

MAP offers

Precision Consistency Scalability Flexibility
Fully adaptive tests that produce a true measure of student growth and achievement Student growth that can be measured over time from kindergarten to high school Aggregated Data that meets the needs of decision makers at all levels Create instructional groupings, determine place, predict proficiency on high stakes tests and more

Scalable data informs decisions at every level.

  • Students

    set growth targets and take ownership of learning. They become energized by their success and achieve their aspirations.

  • Teachers

    use MAP data to differentiate instruction, create flexible groupings of students and inform intervention strategies.

  • School/Districts Administrators

    use MAP to predict proficiency on high-stakes tests, turn around low performing schools and more.

  • State/Federal Policy Makers

    view NWEA as a reliable source of accurate student growth data and a leader in growth data studies.

Our partners - your colleagues - are talking about NWEA.

"The use of MAP assessments has empowered the Chilton Public School District to develop and sustain a strong focus on a data-driven approach to student achievement. Now, with ten years of 'banked' NWEA student data, we have the ability to observe trends, evaluate program effectiveness and focus on student cohort achievement."

Dr. Claire Martin, Superintendent, Chilton Public Schools, Wisconsin

"NWEA's MAP assessments have allowed us to measure and promote growth for all of our students. If you honor growth you will consistently do what is best for all kids. Having a test that adapts to them allows students to see when they make progress and connect it to the work they've been doing."

Linda Foote, Inst. Technology Specialist, Poway Unified School District, California

"We wanted the most diagnostic and productive assessment out there... NWEA fit that need by understanding kids and providing recommendations for how to help them."
Director of Instruction,
Berea City Schools, Ohio

Discover what your world looks like when all kids learn.

The academic growth of your students is our success metric. Our Partner Relations team would love to discuss how to transform your schools through the strategic use of data. Raise your hand today.

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