Reading Resources

Students who take NWEA's Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) reading assessment receive a RIT score based on the RIT scale, an equal-interval scale with consistent units of measurement, much like inches on a yardstick. NWEA's RIT (for Rasch Unit) scale results in stable, consistent longitudinal data that educators, parents, and students may use to inform educational decision-making at every level.

When a student takes NWEA's MAP reading assessment they also receive a Lexile®* range score, based on the highly accurate RIT score data generated from the individual student's MAP reading assessment.  This score is based on an NWEA algorithm that correlates the student's RIT score with MetaMetrics® Lexile®* scale.

Using NWEA's Dynamic Reporting Suite students and teachers can access the Lexile Report which provides the reading range for each student tested.  Linked from this report is a page that lists a variety of reading resources with direct links to each resource.  By using the student's Lexile range score, students and teachers may find lists of suggested book titles that may interest and challenge the student. 

NWEA does not evaluate the quality of text readability and reading leveling systems. We urge you to practice due diligence in selecting solutions that best suit the purpose of your district/school.

With Lexile range scores educators and parents can:

  • Identify a student's individual reading level.
  • Match a learner's reading level with fiction, non-fiction, and instructional materials spanning thousands of books and millions of articles. 
  • Track a student's reading comprehension over time and set goals accordingly.
  • Forecast whether a reader will be able to easily comprehend the material.
  • Set and track goals for independent reading.
  • Plan for disparities between student reading comprehension levels and the readability of assigned materials.
  • Easily create customized reading lists for individual students.


*Lexile, The Lexile Framework for Reading, and Lexile Analyzer are registered trademarks of MetaMetrics, Inc., and are registered in the United States and abroad.