Children's Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA)

The Children's Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) is an interim, computer adaptive assessment of early literacy and mathematics skills. It is available for Pre K – Grade 3 in English and Pre K – Grade 2 in Spanish. Named a Top 100 Product by readers of District Administration magazine, the CPAA is used by districts, schools and early learning centers nationwide. It generates instant reports aligned to Common Core and state standards to help teachers move quickly from assessment to instruction and help administrators identify resource needs. CPAA reports include tools to pinpoint skill gaps, group students for differentiation, plan instructional next steps and communicate with parents.

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How It Works:

  1. ASSESS:
    Students complete the child-friendly assessment independently on the computer (15-30 minutes, 3-6 times a year).
  2. REPORT:
    Educators and administrators gain instant access to interactive reports.
  3. TEACH:
    Educators can get started right away. Targeted recommended activities and grouping suggestions help link assessment data to instruction.

Patented Scaffolding Structure: Mimicking the Student-Teacher Interaction

Whereas a traditional assessment can only tell you if a student answered a question correctly or incorrectly, the CPAA's patented structure digs deeper. After each incorrect response, the CPAA presents the question again, with scaffolding (targeted hinting). In this way, the assessment experience mirrors a 1-to-1 teacher-student interaction in a computer based format.

In addition to ensuring a stress-free experience for young students, scaffolding helps the CPAA collect more granular data for teachers, including instructional recommendations for targeting skills at the concept and sub-concept level. Scores factor in whether or not students needed scaffolding and narrative reports include item-level information.

Visit for more information or request a webinar demo for your team to learn more.